I love music, and I love photography. Both are mediums which I think are best to be shared, so I decided to start a blog in which I can post music that I'm enjoying at the moment as well as original pictures that I've taken as part of my hobby. Because of my work schedule, I don't get out as often as I would like to take pictures. As a result, you'll see more music on here than photos. If you want an automatic update for when I add photos or music, add the url to google reader:

I encourage you to comment and share music and photos of your own 

As I start to get a feel for this blog, I'll be posting some of my favorite photographs from my portfolio. The pictures below are from my latest trip down the California coast. Carmel and Big Sur have absolutely amazing sights that are totally worth seeing if you have the chance. The traffic on highway 1 can be bad at times, but trust me, the views are worth it. Bring a camera along and just enjoy the ride. 

I'll leave you with a song that has been growing on me at the moment. The music video is quite interesting too: Her Morning Elegance- Oren Lavie 

McKay Falls in Big Sur
Wildflowers in front of the Pacific
Critter in front of the Pacific
The coast in Carmel
Wildflower in Pfeiffer Falls Park